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Popular Tours

Welcome to our popular tours page. Gay Tours New Zealand is proud to offer these fantastic tours which have been our most popular tours on offer to date. Enjoy browsing through them!

All these itineraries are comprehensive and cover the whole of the country which include accommodation of exceptional standard, activities which will enthrall you and the use of a rental car or coach to get around this wonderful country in comfort and style.

If there is something you are not quite happy with regarding accommodation style, activities that are included and the type of transport, we can tailor – make one to suit all your needs and requirements. All you need to do is contact us with your special request.

Gay Tours New Zealand looks forward to welcoming you to our wonderful country.

Discover New Zealand’s National Parks

27 days/ 26 nights

This Tour will take you into New Zealand’s National Parks, lush rainforests and sandy beaches as well as the volcanic and coastal regions. You will get as close as possible to nature – trees, ferns, native birds and unique wildlife. The tracks are unmatched as they combine so many different ecosystems in such a small area.

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Between History and Nature
27 days/ 26 nights

New Zealand is a unique land with a unique culture. Visit Maori places and learn about their traditions and history.

Get an insight into the European history of New Zealand.
Visit goldmines, castles and places of interest.

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New Zealand Self Drive Nature Journeys

The most comprehensive Self Drive holidays available in New Zealand; designed, researched and presented by biologists and naturalists.

The original “Self Drive Nature Journey” was released in 1993. Since then many people from different countries have enjoyed discovering New Zealand with these programs.

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Antarctica - The Ross Sea

The ultimate Antarctic Voyage. Voyage to the very heart of Antarctica. The Ross Sea is one of the most remote regions and is only accessible for two months each year when the ice thaws.

It is the historic gateway, discovered by Sir James Clark Ross in 1842, it was to the Ross Sea region that many of the most famous explorers and adventurers came.

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The Sub Antarctic Islands of NZ and Australia

The Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland, Campbell and Macquarie Islands occupy the stormy latitudes of the Roaring Forties and the Furious Fifties, known also as the Albatross Latitudes.

The region hosts the most diverse collection of seabirds in the world.

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The Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific

The plant life of the Sub Antarctic region is rare and unique. Sir Joseph Hooker, botanist aboard Sir James Clark Ross’s 1840 Antarctic Expedition, who later became curator of the famous Kew Gardens in England wrote about the plants on these remote islands “the most extraordinary is the Pluerophyllum meadow, a community dominated by the large leafed herbaceous composite, producing a flora display second to none outside the tropics”.

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The Sunny Side of Life in New Zealand
24 days/ 23 nights

Explore the stunning beauty of New Zealand. Sail in the Bay of Islands, enjoy a helicopter flight over the famous Lake Taupo, cruising through the Fiordland World Heritage Area.

This tour makes it easy to enjoy New Zealand's pure and clean environment from land, water and air.

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Honeymoon Tour - Where Mountains meet the Ocean
25 days/ 24 nights

Explore the beauty of New Zealand while sailing in the Bay of Islands, taking a helicopter flight over the famous Lake Taupo or cruising through the world heritage area of Fiordland.

Experience the unique Maori Culture and NZ's wines.

Together you will get an wonderful insight into the country’s natural wonders and culture.

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Coach Tours

Coach tours are one of the best ways for you to see and enjoy all the wonderful scenery. Experience all of the activities New Zealand has to offer. Choose from a wide range of coach tour itineraries showcasing the finest attractions and experiences in New Zealand.
18 Day Ultimate Tour
16 Day Panorama Tour
15 Wonderland Tour
10 Day Southern Discovery Tour
8 Day Southern Highlights Tour
7 Day Tranz Alpine Tour
6 Day Northern Highlights Tour

Cruising New Zealand
27 days/ 26 nights

Travel New Zealand in an exciting way with the absolute freedom of a motor-home. Discover and explore the wonders of the North and South Island at your leisure.

Within small distances you will find different ranges of New Zealand’s landscapes, from beautiful beaches, spectacular geothermal and volcanic activity to a fascinating bird and plant life.

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